Why work with a Buyers Agent? 

We work with a range of different clients, from Home Buyers and first time investors right through to busy professionals with large portfolios.

bfp property is here to help. We’re a professional buyers agent service helping people make the right decisions when buying property.

Does the below resonate with you?:

  1. Are you time poor?

  2. Are you frustrated dealing with selling agents?

  3. Sick of missing out on property in hot markets?

  4. Over the property selection process?

  5. Based overseas or interstate?

  6. Concerned you are not seeing all available property?

  7. Unsure what to do or where to buy?

  8. Unsure as to the suitability of a particular property?

  9. Prefer to outsource the process to a professional?

  10. Concerned you are over paying?

  11. Not confident negotiating with real estate agents?


Local Buyers

The only person you should have to source and secure a property for you is an active property investor… not a financial adviser, accountant or any other professional who sometimes offer expensive over priced properties off the plan often for their own commission, they are also often not experienced in the day to day property market. Advisers who offer a “free service” are not acting in your interest. They are working on behalf of a third party (i.e. the developer that pays them).

When buying property, there are so many variables at play and so many opportunities to make costly mistakes. In our experience, we see a number of mistakes made by property buyers (often mistakes that could have been avoided if they had the right advice).

  • Let emotion get in the way

  • Buy in the wrong area at the wrong time

  • Buy off the plan and pay a “development premium”

  • Purchase in a high density building where there are too many comparable apartments

  • Buy low yielding property and struggle to hold long-term 

  • Overpay and poorly negotiate

Make sure you have independent representation when you next buy property.


Australian Expats

Local expertise with a global presence. You cannot make the right decision on a property when you are not on the ground, yet alone in the country. If you are an expat based overseas, bfp property is your eyes and ears on the ground. We act for Australian expat buyers who are interested in building an Australian property portfolio. We work with expats in the UK, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Some of the difficulties faced are:

  • You cannot inspect the property

  • Poor or no knowledge of current market conditions

  • Paying more than the value of the property

  • Problems negotiating from overseas

  • Different time zones when dealing with agents and professionals

Engaging a buyers agent like bfp property, you will be able to invest knowing the entire end to end process is taken care of.