When buying an investment grade property, there are so many variables at play and opportunities to make costly mistakes. Fortunately, there are also many opportunities to get it right by leveraging off the the expertise of bfp property.

As professionals who source and secure property Australia-wide, we use our detailed and comprehensive six step process (outlined below) to ensure only the best possible investments which are aligned with your specific objectives and strategy are put forward.

We provide you with sound perspective and advice into what’s happening in today’s fast moving markets and bring you one step closer to meeting your property investment goals.


The Six Step Journey

We follow a unique six step process for investors and home buyers:


1. Strategy & Education

Crucial in your property buying journey. Without a plan and strategy you may struggle to meet your desired goals.


2. Asset & Loan structuring

We are Chartered Accountants so can help you. We have 15 years experience in setting up structures and advising on most appropriate entities to hold assets.


3. Search

Understanding where to buy can be daunting. Based on research and data, we search for markets that best suit your needs.


4. Source & Select

We now narrow the search to specific pockets within areas and shortlist properties that tick our in-house methodology and align with your strategy.


5. Negotiate & Complete

This is where we as buyers agents earn our stripes! We negotiate on price and terms. We also assemble a team of professionals to support closing out the purchase.


6. Manage & Monitor

This is a very important step overlooked by many buyers agents. We track the performance of the property and provide an unrivalled after transaction service.

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Our investment methodology

We have experience investing in multiple property cycles over fifteen years. We follow a strict in-house selection methodology when selecting investment grade suburbs. On top of our internal research and analysis we have access to some of the best National and International property research houses.

Some of our key selection criteria include:

  • Supply and demand analysis

  • Assessment of local economic drivers

  • Analysis of planned and committed infrastructure

  • Macroeconomic analysis i.e. interest rates, unemployment, GDP, inflation

  • Jobs growth and wage growth